I have been practicing yoga from the year 2006 in various traditions and sharing the teachings of yoga since 2009. My friendly, down to earth approach to yoga has helped to make it accessible to people of all ages and abilities. Yoga is not just for the strong or flexible, it can be enjoyed by everyone!A dedicated yogi, Certified Kundalini Instructor from IKYTA as taught by Yogi Bhajan, trained in Uk, France, Brazil, India and Thailand. With a strong background in different disciplines of yoga, meditation technics and Reiki healing methods. Consistently plans and delivers stimulating yoga sessions that engage her pupils, encourage self-development and well-being. Her class always takes place in a safe, calm environment that promotes peace and tranquillity. Her friendly, down to earth approach to yoga helps the sessions to become accessible to people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities. Yoga is not just for the strong or flexible, but for everyone.

Erica Euripides (Fateh Preet) is a passionate practitioner and instructor of Kundalini Yoga as taught from Yogi Bhajan ®. She acquired her devotion and passion for yoga in 2006, when she first started practicing Hatha yoga and training in Vipassana meditation (in the tradition of Gottam the Bhudda, S.N.Guenka) in England. She continued training 2008 in Kundalini, Hatha and Tantra yoga, meditation and seminars in Thailand, where she became qualified Reiki Healer level 2. After a 10 day meditation Buddhist retreat, realized that her calling was to share her passion and this beautiful techniques and teachings that brought so much health and quality in her life. With her arrival back in England she followed her realization and joined the teacher training course for Kundalini Yoga Instructor with
 Amrit Nam Sarovar, 3HO foundation.

Since she joined in the teacher training in 2008, she began teaching, as teacher under training in private groups and individual people in Uk. Fateh Preet continued teaching and practicing kundalini yoga to various private groups in Cyprus, until August 2010. In 2009 she gained a certificated Register Yoga Teacher taught by Yogi Bhajan® KRI Certified, IKYTA member. To pass her course Fateh Preet had to undertake intensive yoga training, which included the study of traditional forms of yoga, philosophy, asanas, pranayamas, bhundas, mantras, mudhras and meditation. Also she joined retreats with Karta Singh in France in 2009, continued with the Buddhist meditation retreats, Tantra training, Kundalini yoga practice and Reiki healing. Fateh Preet is a passionate traveler that crosses continents around the world to enrich her knowledge, practice and experience. She reached even all the way to the Brazilian Amazon forest, where she trained practiced, meditation, dancing and singing. 

She has Master in Fine art form East London University and Post Graduate Certificated in Education from UK. But she finds her inspiration, her balance and her self through yoga. Joined her for a class to experience the infinite consciousness of Kundalini yoga.